Regulation of Dietary Supplements and NHPs

Both dietary supplements and NHPs have specific regulatory requirements that cover most aspects of formulation, labeling, claims substantiation, good manufacturing practices and adverse event monitoring/reporting. Manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplement and NHPs must clearly understand their responsibilities to assure their products are fully compliant with all applicable regulations. This course provides an overview of the regulatory requirements for dietary supplements in the US and NHPs in Canada.

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At A Glance

  • Target Audience: This is an introductory course for regulatory personnel. It also is appropriate for management, quality assurance, research and development or manufacturing personnel.
  • Learning Level: Basic
  • Total Length of Course: 3–6 Hours
  • RAC Credits: 3
  • Formats: PC and Tablet (iPad and Android)
  • Cost: Member $360; List $495
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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the similarities and differences between dietary supplements and NHPs
  • Describe premarket activities required for dietary supplements and NHPs
  • Summarize the labeling requirements for dietary supplements and NHPs
  • Summarize the types of claims, substantiation and approval requirements for both dietary supplements and NHPs
  • Identify key aspects of current Good Manufacturing Practices applicable to both categories of products
  • Compare the postmarketing requirements for dietary supplements and NHPs

Lesson Titles

  • Lesson 1: Dietary Supplements
  • Lesson 2: Natural Health Products

Registration Options

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