On-demand Webcast: Argumentation and Persuasion for Regulatory Professionals

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Data is not always enough – effective persuasion requires a combination of logic and emotion supported by facts. Whether it is an internal or external presentation or conversation, this webcast will teach participants how to reach their audiences more effectively. Participants will learn to utilize structures to think through argumentation as well as implement persuasive emotive levers to connect with an audience.

Learning Levels: Intermediate to Advanced


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At a Glance


An on-demand recording of the ECG Sponsored Webcast, Argumentation and Persuasion for Regulatory Professionals, originally recorded on 15 March 2017.



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Objectives & Audience

At the conclusion of this webcast, you will be able to:

  • Develop argumentation structures more confidently and capably
  • Be persuasive in the face of emotion
  • Apply techniques to give your audience what they need while accomplishing your goals

Who should attend

  • Regulatory professionals looking to be more persuasiv
  • Healthcare professionals seeking to achieve communication goal
  • People responsible for communicating with health authorities, senior management or development teams

Registration Info

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