Medical Device Meeting—a RAPS Roadshow in Northern Germany

Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society Roadshow
Sponsored by MDSS Consulting GmbH

Thursday, 30 November 2017
14:30–20:00 GMT

Please join RAPS at our Medical Device Meeting—a RAPS Roadshow in Northern Germany, sponsored by MDSS Consulting GmbH. As the new registration requirements in Medical Device Regulation (MDR) are implemented and tracked, how does that impact existing national registrations and international registration requirements? MDR experts Ludger Möller, president of MDSS, and Torsten Führer, founder and CEO, Implantex Pte. Ltd., will address the registrations and reports for EUDAMED and the international registration requirements.

Presentations begin at 15:00:

  • RAPS Roadshow: Introduction to RAPS including RAPS initiatives and member network in Europe – Speaker: Paul Brooks, RAPS
  • Medical Devices Regulatory Initiatives: Updates on Europe and North America ISO 13485 transitions, preparation for EU MDR, MDSAP –Speaker: Paul Brooks, RAPS
  • MDR, the Data Leech: An Overview of Required Registrations and Reports for EUDAMED (in German language) – Speaker: Ludger Möller, MDSS GmbH
  • National Registrations: Expenses and Goals (Example: Italy) – Will They Become Obsolete with EUDAMED? (in German language) Speaker: Ludger Möller, MDSS GmbH
  • International Registrations: Expenses and Goals (Example: Malaysia) – RAPS Network (in German language) – Speaker: Torsten Führer, Implantex Pte. Ltd.

Immediately following the presentations, please join RAPS and MDSS for a networking reception among participants—regional manufacturers, employees of scientific institutions, and representatives of authorities—at the MDSS building, Schiffgraben 41. Snacks and beverages will be served.

RAPS is working to strengthen the network of regulatory professionals in Germany, and is stepping up its presence in Europe and expanding its European team in response to its growing membership. We value this opportunity to talk with attendees about the concept of a RAPS German Chapter and the possibility of establishing the RAPS German Chapter as a registered association, in efforts to help regulatory professionals in the region.

A registration form can be downloaded here

For questions, please contact Ms.Tarapata via email at or via phone at +49 511 62628638.